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The Difference Between Glass Fiber Mat And Glass Fiber Cloth

Jan 20, 2017

Wet blanket is an extension of the papermaking process, is the water after the fiberglass chopped it weighing metering join online mixing tank the last delivery to the molding, through sizing, drying curing after winding molding.

Needle felt is to use a hook thorn needle, add fiber puncture the fiber entanglement between reinforcement, so the acupuncture fiber felt no warp weft, carpet is one of the common product, usually we also call fiberglass blanket.

Stitch-bonded mat is made in a certain direction of roving cloth or squares as the base material (also can't base materials), then a layer of flat glass fiber composite, seam with organic fiber weaves and into.

Forming similar weaving process of glass fiber cloth, is a continuous long glass fiber woven, as well as weaving, with warp weft, have a variety of knitting pattern, in addition to the axial, the rest of the glass fiber and axial Angle can be 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees.