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Scope Of Application Of Glass Fiber Cloth

Sep 23, 2016

Effects of glass fiber cloth is like cement to steel the same, fixed to the glass effect. Glass fiber cloth suitable for low temperature-196 degrees centigrade, high temperature 300 ℃, fiberglass is made of glass, but he very much and glass are not the same. Glass is glass fiber cloth made from very fine glass, through the looms can weave fiberglass fabric. This fabric made of insulation, fire, fire-retardant features, mainly used for the hull, tanks, vehicles, building materials, glass fiber cloth has great patience, strong, but he and fiberglass is not the same. Fiber glass cloth FRP product materials is the use of glass fibres and resins, curing agents, accelerators and other information through a variety of techniques after curing of composite molding. In addition to the features described above, a fiberglass fabric with high insulation capabilities, anti-UV and anti-static properties.

And developed compared, China glass fiber industrial now also not strong, this main performance in: overall technology is and advanced national has gap, technology Shang introduced, and imitation more, independent intellectual property less; whole industry enterprise number many, enterprise between technology difference is big, most enterprise equipment relative low, overall production efficiency than lower; middle and low products more, some high-end products still needed imports, new products development force not strong, overall products quality to be improve; although we has cost advantage, but integrated technology, and equipment, and business, and Management and international competitiveness is not strong.