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Knowledge Of Short Glass Fiber

Sep 23, 2016

Super short glass fiber in we now of life in the increasingly by favored, in plastic, cement products, insulation material, rubber agent agent, fire flame retardant material, friction sealed material, rubber, special paper, paint, spacecraft accessories, these material in the are displayed has it of excellent quality, but people on super short glass fiber of real awareness does not more, on it of function and using more is know of is less

Super short glass fiber according to inner of components has three a series: 1 no alkali 2 in the alkali 3 high alkali, three species silk, no alkali of silk is quality best of, people know of glass fiber most is glass debris and waste bottle by making of silk, this silk is most General of glass fiber, only for common of General of civilian building materials and low value of products, high-end of glass fiber is with high pure of quartz sand to making of, and good of products must to added high-end of dedicated glass fiber silk, So to on glass fiber for formal of remedy of modified sex to improve it of process sex and compatible sex, this is people not know it of technology content of where, is super short glass fiber after modified sex Hou in at according to products of need on points has many varieties of reasons, in what of products in the added what of modified sex super short glass fiber on into has people on super short glass fiber not understand of fundamental reasons.

Short glass fibers and glass fiber powder difference is: short glass fiber is the result of processes to produce different length of cut glass fiber technology of powder is made from crushed glass fiber faith (waste) into different lengths (MeSH)

Using super short glass fiber of benefits is, fiber length precision high, fiber volume high, single silk diameter consistent, fiber in dispersed zhiqian keep paragraph-like has is good of liquidity, because is inorganic of, so not produced electrostatic, resistance temperature high, in products in the of pull is consistent of, can formed three dimensional stereo mesh structure, to makes products has is good of wayward and anti-Zhang surname, impact strength high, fiber in products of each corner dispersed of length consistent, so products of pull strength is consistent of. And crushed type glass fiber powder on cannot do, because is crushed process, fiber of length cannot guarantee, has long has short, also has powder, because is scraps, which of impurities more, single silk diameter no guarantee, fiber has rough has fine, so in products in the added Hou, strength cannot guarantee, all corner of strength value not as, also easy staggered up mission.