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Introduction To Glass Fiber Material

Sep 23, 2016

High strength glass fiber

It features high strength, high modulus, single fiber tensile strength it is 2800MPa, 25% about higher than alkali-free fiberglass tensile strength, modulus of 86000MPa, higher than e-glass fiber strength. With their production of FRP products used for military, space and sports equipment, bullet-proof armor. But because of the high price, at present in the civil area cannot be extended, world production is about thousands of tons.

AR-glass fibres

Also known as the alkali-resistant glass fiber, developed mainly for reinforced cement.


Also known as high-alkali glass, is a typical sodium silicate glass, due to poor water resistance, rarely used in the production of glass fiber.

E-CR glass

Improvement is a boron-free e-glass, used in the production of acid resistance of glass fiber, water resistance better than alkali-free fiberglass 7~8 times, acid resistance superior to e-glass fiber, and is designed for development of underground pipelines, storage tanks and other new varieties.

D glass

Also known as low dielectric glass, used in the production of low dielectric strength of dielectric glass fiber.

Other than the glass fibre content in addition to the above, in recent years, also there is a new alkali-free glass fiber, it does not contain boron, so as to reduce environmental pollution, but its electrical insulation and mechanical properties are similar to the traditional e-glass. There is also a pair of glass composition for glass fibers, used in the production of glass wool, allegedly for FRP reinforcement also has potential. There is freon-free glass fibre was developed for the environment improved e-glass fibers.