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International Successfully Developed High Performance Long Glass Fiber Composite Yarn

Sep 23, 2016

Recently, the international company, Chongqing University, Chongqing University research cooperation, jointly overcome key technology research projects of Chongqing from 2014--"long glass fibre and high performance thermoplastic composites."

It is reported that the international composite company, in conjunction with the two universities, the use of advanced equipment such as furnaces, wire drawing, and drying technology and unique sizing system, successfully developed international advanced level of long glass fibre yarn 4305N. The products excellent technology, excellent wear resistance, folding, yarn and other performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, can fully meet the LFT technology requirements. Meanwhile, product compatibility with PP resin excellent of its enhancing effect.

According to reports, the high performance long glass fibre yarn is directly reinforced thermoplastic composite materials one of the most essential raw materials. The successful development of the product, not only to enhance and consolidate China's glass fiber and composite materials of international science and technology and industrial competitiveness, and for key parts of a glass fiber reinforced lightweight automobile provided strong technical support.