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Global Composites Market Growth Is Expected To Reach 3.5%

Sep 23, 2016

Due to wind energy and aviation market is a two-digit growth rate in the next five years, compounded annual growth rate of global composites market is expected to reach the 3.5%. In addition, the sustained growth of the urban population and rapid growth in the construction and infrastructure sectors, is a major driving force. Is the largest regional composites industry growth in the Asian region, is expected to increase in the future will not be reduced.

By 2021, Asian composites market share is expected to reach 47.7% in North America, the market share is expected to be around 26.2%. However, because composite consumption per capita is relatively low at present, BRIC is expected to sustain long-term growth. In 2016, the global composite industry is expected to grow 3.5%. A number of key areas, such as the United States and Europe, economic conditions continue to improve, it will drive global composites market growth to accelerate. The next five years, construction and transport, also have better expectations.

Lost to carbon fiber glass fiber composites market growth. Competition in the market would get worse in the future, innovation-oriented enterprises is expected to be the final winner.

In the composites industry, there were some new trend of direct impact on the industry, such as low-cost car with carbon fiber, the wind and the development of high-performance glass fibre.