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Glass Fibers And Composite Industry Alliance Of China Was Established In Beijing

Sep 23, 2016

Recently, under the support and guidance of the Ministry of national, by the China National materials Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as sinoma group) lead United 46 glass fibers and composite materials business, universities and research institutes jointly launched by the China glass fiber composite material industry development Union (hereinafter Alliance) inaugural ceremony was held in Beijing.

Ministry raw materials Division Deputy Inspector Lv Guixin, and in the material group chairman Liu Zhijiang attended Assembly, and common for Union opening brand, Ministry raw materials Division building materials at Director Chen Kai people, and China engineering hospital academician Chen Xiangbao, and Technology Department innovation development Division integrated and coordination innovation at Deputy Director keep your, and China building materials Federation Deputy Secretary-General Pan Donghui and China petrochemical Federation industry development department chemical at Deputy Director Yang Chuanwei, and China car engineering learned Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Ning, and China Wind Association Secretary-General Qin Haiyan, sector and units of led and guest, 46 from the field of glass fibers and composite unit representatives and media representatives, more than 80 people participating in the Conference. Sinoma group Yu Shiliang presided over the General Assembly.

Was adopted by the General Assembly of the League of China glass fiber composite material industry development Statute and China glass fiber composite material industry development Union regulations, elected the first Council, Li Xinhua, General Manager of sinoma group first elected Union President of sinoma science and technology company limited (hereinafter referred to as sinoma) Vice President Zhu Jianxun was elected Vice Chairman and Secretary-General.

Lv Guixin representatives congratulated Xin guobin, Vice Minister at the Ministry on the establishment of the Union, and noted that in his speech, fiberglass and composite materials is to use a very wide range of materials, is also in the building materials industry in recent years faster, drive great, a good foundation conditions and new materials industries. Fiberglass and composite materials in the industry Alliance is a group nearly 50 units on the industrial chain, based on complementary advantages, benefit-sharing, risk-sharing and joint development to build a collaborative innovation platform, members of the benefit unit space to develop and improve competitiveness.