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Glass Fiber And Its Composites In The Communications Industry To Shine

Sep 23, 2016

As the focus in the field of industrial textiles branch, glass fibre and composite material, with its excellent performance and relatively low cost energy, construction, transport, power engineering, marine engineering and the environmental engineering market in the areas of development focus. Now, with the "big data" era of, glass fiber composites have gradually entered the field of communications, communications sector, "new favorite". United Kingdom hull telecoms giant KC company official said, glass fiber and composites to make up for the defect of steel raw materials 70%, also brought unforeseen development space for the communications industry, which in the age of big data set off a "communications revolution".

Satellite dishes are the key to satellite earth station equipment, it is directly related to the quality of the reception of satellite signals and the stability of the system. Material requirements of satellite dish is light weight, strong wind resistance, aging resistance, high dimensional accuracy and deformation, long service life, corrosion resistance, can be designed reflector. Traditional materials such as steel and aluminum, with stamping technology of production, thin thickness, no corrosion, service life is shorter, generally only 3-5 years, localization is growing. And used glass fiber composite, according to SMC molded process for production, size stable good, quality light, and anti-aging, anti-wind capacity strong, also can according to different requirements design strengthening reinforced to improve strength, using life in 20 years above, can design Pu put metal network, material reached satellite received function, in performance and process Shang completely meet using requirements, effect very good, in outdoor from maintenance, received effect good, application prospects also very good.