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General Knowledge Of Ceramic Fiber Products

Dec 26, 2016

Ordinary ceramic fiber is also called aluminum silicate fiber, because one of its main composition is alumina, and aluminum oxide is the main ingredient of porcelain, so it names ceramic fiber. Adding zirconia or chrome oxide can further increase the temperature of ceramic fiber. Ceramic fiber products refer to those mechanicals which use ceramic fiber as raw materials through processing with light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat and mechanical shock resistance and other advantages. Those products are dedicated to all kinds of high temperature, pressure and easily worn environment. Ceramic fiber is a kind of excellent refractory ceramic fiber products. It has light weight, high temperature resistant, small heat capacity, well thermal insulation performance, non-toxic and other advantages.

1. Door sealing and front curtain of various thermal insulation industrial furnace;
2. High temperature flue, air hose bush and inflated joint;
3. Petroleum chemical industry equipment, containers, pipes heat insulation and preservation;
4. Protective clothing, gloves, caps, helmet, boots used in high temperature places;
5. Heat shield of automobile engine, Oil engine exhaust pipe parcel, composite brake pad of high-speed racing car;
6. Pump and compressor transmitting high temperature fluid and gas, valve packing and gasket;
7. Fireproof doors, fireproof curtain, fire blanket, insulation covering and other fire protection products;
8. Heat insulation, thermal insulation material and brake pad applied to aerospace industry;
9. Fire prevention insulation layer or automatic fire curtain in some important places in high-grade office buildings such as archives, coffers, safe case, etc.