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Fiber Glass Past And Present

Sep 23, 2016

Glass fiber is a high performance inorganic non-metallic materials, is based on pyrophyllite, quartz sand, limestone and other natural inorganic non-metallic ore as raw materials, according to a certain formula by high-temperature melting, drawing few, winding process of secret, with a light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, sound absorption, excellent electrical insulation properties and good performance. The monofilaments with diameters of hair 1/20-1/5, each fiber strand is made up of hundreds of even thousands of monofilament.

Glass was born in 1938, invented by Americans. During the second world war, it was first used in the military, shell tank parts, aircraft cabin, weapons, bullet-proof vests. Later, glass fibres are applied to civilian areas, widely used in the fields of building and composite of the two. After more than 70 years of development, the current foreign glass fiber industry development to more than more than 3,000 varieties of glass fiber, more than more than 50,000, corresponds to each specification has a purpose, and varieties and specifications to an annual average of 1000-1500 rapid development speed.

China's glass fiber industry in 1958, before the reform and opening up, mainly national defense service is basically in closed environments rely on self-reliant development; after the reform and opening up, turning to civilian, and rapid development. Through the efforts of more than 30 years, by 2007 in China reached 1.6 million tonnes of glass fiber, ranked first in the world.

Today, glass fibre and composite material has been widely used in aerospace, transportation, electronics, building materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, infrastructure, sports and leisure and other economic fields, an alternative to traditional materials such as steel, wood and stone of new compound materials, one of three materials as a national strategic industry, transformation and upgrading of national economic development and is of great significance.