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Fiber Composites Industry Thirteen-Five Development Planning

Sep 23, 2016

Enter "Twelve-Five", the fiberglass composite industry in development planning guidance, to overcome the world economic downturn and the practical difficulties of domestic economic restructuring, development progress. Glass fiber industry, in furnace technology and constantly improve the promotion, while achieving new breakthroughs, products become focus of concern for all enterprises, and development strategic structural adjustment of industry-wide "Twelve-Five" plan targets achieved. Composite materials, composites manufacturing process technology and equipment level has increased, product application areas continue to expand and expand. With fiberglass composite industry continue to grow and extend the "Thirteen-Five" period, as the subject of fiber composites industry chain will fully integrate and upgrade, and drive the development and growth of fiber reinforced composites industry as a whole.

According to the changes in the market situation, the glass fiber industry "Twelve-Five" development plan for the proposed "strategic structural adjustment of industry-wide development, from development of furnace-Center, transfer to improve improve furnace technology, focus on the development of glass fiber products processing industry direction" adjustment of development strategy of the industry. In the strategic plan under the guidance of, on the one hand large enterprises to actively implement fine management of furnace, technologic and production restructuring; the other hand ball kiln, Crucible SMEs implement converting products deep-processing industry, the industry actively cultivate and build larger products production base