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Construction Method For Glass Fiber Cloth

Sep 23, 2016

First, in the process, aggregate sand must be configured for responsible, so as to ensure the quality of mixing. Polymer mortar mix for binder and proportion of sulphoaluminate cement and sand 1:188:3.25, cement and sand must be made into the gray tank with two barrels of the title mix, then joined the binder.

After she finished second after the polymer mortar scraped, glass fiber grid cloth need to be arranged to the top, mesh curved surface is facing up, and then wipe from the Center to the surrounding plain. And fiberglass cloth should not be wrinkled. Furthermore glass fiber cloth around the lap length should not be less than 70 mm, if there is a cut off area, then the nets should be used lap

Glass fiber cloth stick ends should be very careful after rain erosion or impacts, and construction of glass fiber in construction from top to bottom when Trowelling, if synchronization is construction, you can first construction coated reinforced mesh, then a standard mesh. So we can see, if you want to play in the use of glass fiber cloth in late a greater effect, then at the time of construction must be very attentive to details on the problem, the only way to make.