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Analysis On Glass Fiber Industry Development

Sep 23, 2016

According to the glass fiber supply, because glass fibers have started operation cannot stop kiln characteristics of inelastic supply relative to other industries, subject to the demand factor larger. The United States accounted for nearly 20% of glass fiber export demand, recent United States cycle starts for the fiber industry demand in the construction industry recovery momentum. Development of China's fiberglass industry speeds much higher than the world average. Fiberglass production as a percentage of world production increased from less than 2000 years 10% to 54% in 2010, as the world's leading glass fiber production and export country. China glass fiber exporting, from 38% in 2007 to 70% in 2000. Effect of the end of 2008 due to the financial crisis, glass fiber industry export volume decreased. Domestic efforts to increase infrastructure investment, pulling up domestic demand for glass fiber consumption, decline in exports, essentially export accounts for more than half. In addition, foreign glass fiber products and raw materials industries to China, and indirectly led to a decline in China's exports. Distribution of exports mainly to Europe, rising consumption in emerging markets. From the main export country and region distribution of glass fiber yarn, before the financial crisis (2008), United States, and the Middle East are the main consumer areas, and also includes major European countries. 2010 year of the financial crisis, China's glass fiber exports to the United States the further rise in the proportion, of fiberglass yarn consumption decreased in the Middle East, in Europe is relatively stable, while some emerging countries, such as Korea, and India and Brazil and other consumer demand, export increase in the proportion of China's fiberglass yarn. Glass fiber industry assets, the elasticity of supply is weak, oligarchic competitive landscape. Glass fiber production is high temperature kiln industry. From the supply side, because the industry has started operation cannot stop kiln characteristics of inelastic supply relative to other industries in the sector, subject to the demand factor larger.