Rock Wool Insulation Blanket

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Rock Wool Insulation Blanket

231 Rock Wool Insulation Blanket a flexible roll product covered with iron wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh or fiberglass fabric, it is mainly used for thermal insulation of large sized pipes, tanks, large equipments, special shaped components, valves and pip fittings, iron and stainless steel wire mesh rock wool blanket is esp. suitable for thermal insulation of high temp. equipments.

Faced rock wool roll is covered with aluminum foil or some other covering materials for moisture-proofing and enhancing the strength.

231AL-1  Rockwool blanket with Alu. foil on one side

231W-1  Rockwool blanket with wire mesh on one side

* Ref.No.:231

* Main density: 4 lb/ft3, 5lb/ft3, 6lb/ft3

* Thickness: 1'' up to 3''

* Roll length: Max Application Temp 1112°F /600°C