High Silica Fiber Insulation Felt Needle Mat

High Silica Fiber Insulation Needle Mat

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High Silica Fiber Insulation Felt Needle Mat

213 High Silica Fiber Insulation Felt is specially carded to produce a high volume batt. This is then mechanically needled to bond the fibers which result in a dimensionally stable mat or felt, possessing excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties without any chemical binder. Silica needle mats are suitable for continuous use at temperature up to 2012°F/1100°C. It has low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and absolute in combustibility. Silica needle mat is friendly to the skin, not hazardous to health and has excellent resistance to chemicals.


Steelworks, Aluminum industry, petro-chemical industry, furnace industry: thermal insulation for duct.

Machinery, household appliances: thermal insulation material. 

Autos and motorcycles: thermal and acoustic insulation material for exhaust pipe, muffle 

* Ref.No.:213

* Continuous working temp.:  2012°F/1100°C

* Instant working temp:   2552°F/1400°C

* Thickness: 0.16'' up to 1.0''

* Density: 9.5 lb/ft3 up to 12lb/ft3

* Width: 36''