Ceramic Fiber Insulation Paper

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Paper

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Ceramic Fiber Insulation Paper

223 Ceramic Fiber Insulation Paper is made of refractory fiber with high purity which is used in high-temperature insulating fields. The advance manufacturing technology makes the distribution of fiber be very even and the paper’s thickness and storage can also be controlled strictly. It is purely white and flexible with excellent flatness and mechanical working performances well as excellent refractory and insulating effect.

It's mainly used as thermal insulation, gasket, seal, separator, lining, etc. for high temperature and chemical resistant applications 

* Ref.No.:223

* Temp. resistance up to 1832°F /1000°C

* Standard density: 13lb/ft3

* Thickness from 0.04'' up to 0.4''

* Standard width: 24'' 48''