Texturized Fiberglass Twist Ropes Wood Stove Door Gasket

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Texturized Fiberglass Twist Ropes Wood Stove Door Gasket

0121 Texturized Fiberglass Twist Ropes Gasket are clockwise or counterclockwise twisted with asbestos-free, texturized fiberglass yarns. It is non-flammable and can withstand continuous exposure to high temperature of 932°F /500°C; it resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents; it has high strength, high modulus, low shrinkage, no deformation and high flexibility; it has excellent electrical insulation properties, thermal insulation properties and mechanical properties. It is mainly used as a gasket or seals on boilers, coke oven, industrial oven and wood stove/pellet stove doors, also used for crucible packing and pollution control equipment, etc.

* Ref.No.:0121

* Diameter: 0.12'' up to 2.4'' 

* Temperature resistance: up to 932°F /500°C

* One strand twisting and multi-strand twisting available

* 0121T1  One strand

* 0121T2  Two strands

* 0121T3  Three strands