Texturized Woven Fiberglass Cloths

Texturized Woven Fiberglass Cloths
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Texturized Woven Fiberglass Cloth

01711 Texturized Woven Fiberglass Cloth is made of asbestos-free, texturized fiberglass yarns which is reinforced with S.S wire.  It won't burn and withstands continuous exposure to high temp.of 932°F /500°C; it resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents. It's an ideal replacement for asbestos products.  It could be used for all types of thermal insulation and heat protection, also the basic cloth for finish treatment in order to meet special applications.

* Ref.No.: 01711

* Thickness 0.032'' up to 0.2'' 

* Weight 17.5 up to 88.5oz/yd2

* Weave: plain

* Temp. resistance up to 932°F /500°C

* S.S wire reinforcement available.