13oz Heat Proof Filament Fiberglass Clothing

13oz Heat Proof Filament Fiberglass Clothing

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13oz Filament Fiberglass Cloth

0172213 13oz Filament Fiberglass Cloth is made of asbestos-free, E-glass fiber filament yarns, it can be produced into many different kinds of weaving structures, and the furnace of these fabrics appears very smooth and shiny. This kindly of fabrics have the same properties of texturized fiberglass fabrics, it is an ideal fabric for all kinds of finish treatments.  For some items, the yarn can be optionally reinforced with S.S wire to enhance the tensile strength of the fabrics.

* Ref.No.: 0172213

* Thickness 0.017''

* Weight 13oz/yd2

* Weave:3x1 twill

* Width: 40'' 60''

* Thread count: warp51.0/inch  weft28.0/inch

* Temp. resistance up to 932°F /500°C