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Domin - Tex products and solution could sustain and improve the reliability, efficiency and
availability of thermal installations for Chemical and petrochemical companies .  We have
products, solutions and systems for the following applications heaters, furnaces, reformers,
crackers, flue gas treatment , flue gas ducting, distillation columns, piping, etc.


Domin - Tex high temp .  resistant products are used where work is performed at high
temperatures in industrial manufacturing, e.g. in foundries. In the broad range of application for our products , from protective clothing to industrial furnace construction , you will always
find the right solution to meet your needs.


Fire protection on ships is of paramount importance .  Even when a hull is built ,  welding
work is a source of danger that must be taken seriously. To protect against this risk and a
number of other requirements, from the final build to day-to-day operation and through to
repair work, we offer a wide range of high-quality materials and products. Typical fields of
application are welder protection, covering fabric, engine and exhaust insulation, etc.


Domin - Tex thermal insulations are used extensively in all stages of iron and steel production . All types of plant achieve enhanced productivity , improved metal quality and significant energy savings .  These works include fully integrated steel mills ,   mini mills ,   production plants for speciality steels as well as heat treatment and metal finishing plants.

Power Station

Reducing energy losses ,  the reduction of abrasion caused to pipe work and ducts by
conveying pulverised coal , emission control and the compensation of vibrations and movements due to thermal expansion of flue gas ducting are specific issues within the world
of energy and waste incineration. Domin-Tex products such as packings , ropes , fibre
ropes, tapes, fabric expansion joints, gas tight seals ,  refractory fibre products ,  are just a
small selection from our wide range of products, which we can offer for the power station.


Engineering ,  product control , machining ,  die - cutting and just in time deliveries play an
important role in our approach to meet the needs of the  transportation  and  automotive
industry .  Issues like the overheating of exhaust systems and particle filtration units ,
electrical wire and cable tree insulation, heat shielding, potting , exhaust gap filling , can
all be solved using one of our specially designed products.