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Domin-Tex Insulation Corp.is located in Mclean, VA. 20 minutes driving distance from Washington DC. It specializes in providing premium products and professional solutions and services for thermal insulation applications in North America markets. 

Domin-Tex supplies a board range of materials to ensure our customers get the right product specifically suited to their application. Domin-tex materials resist temperatures up to 2550 ºF and mainly include:

Textiles and fabrics made of glass fiber, ET-glass fiber, silica fiber, ceramic fiber and bio-soluble fiber, including braided ropes, woven tapes, woven sleeves, yarns, etc. 

Fiberglass composites/ Coated fabrics, including fiberglass fabrics with Silicone / PU / Vermiculite / Neoprene / graphite coating, Alu. foil laminated / heat treated fiberglass fabrics, etc. 

Insulation materials including blankets, paper, board, felt made of ceramic fiber, rock wool, calcium silicate,etc.

Finished products like welding blankets made of Domin-tex different fabrics, fire blankets, etc. 

Ever since its establishment, Domin-tex has been servicing the global market in industries such as shipping building, foundry, casting, aerospace, automotive, marine, petrochemical, construction, Power Generation, etc.

In the year of 2015, Domin-tex set up a warehouse in Summerville, S.C to further speed up the delivery services. In 2016, Domin-tex became an member of NIA (National Insulation Association), In order to keep up with the trends in the field, Domin-tex also participate in several industry conferences each year, learning and sharing new technologies and wisdoms with the counterparts.